Automotive Industry: The Real Buying Power Of Women

womens-buying-power-in-the-auto-industry-infographicIn the automotive industry, the women contribute to 60 percent of the overall purchases that are made. They also influence almost 90 percent of the auto purchases that take place. Undoubtedly, the women today are not just sitting in their homes. They are making big decisions in all the aspects of the society, and it does not leave the automotive industry. Beth Perro-Jarvis and Mary Van Note, of Ginger Minneapolis, the strategic firm, share the insights on this topic. They also talk about the powerful influence of the feminine gender in the current economy. This is especially dedicated to all the powerful and wonderful women out there.

Here Are The Pharmacy Benefits And Health Advocacy

advocateThe most important topics in the segment of employer sponsored health care are as follows.

Pharmacy Benefits
Health Advocacy

The employee pharmacy benefit programs are one among the most complex aspects included the self-insured medical plan. The pharmacy benefit symbolizes around 20 to 25 percent of the health plan cost of the employers. The marketplace consists of several moving parts, and the components are ever changing. In order to navigate through the complex pharmacy landscape successfully, you should reassess your approach. You need to ask yourself if you are using the smart pharmacy economics.

When it comes to the health advocacy the ongoing and fast rise of the consumer driven health care, it is very important for the employees to be engaged in the health care than ever before. They should be given resources to make informed decisions. With the powerful analytic tools, they can reinforce the employee engagement, improve the outcomes and minimize the health care expenses to a great extent.

How To Purchase A Car?

car-infographics2This content is all about how one can buy a car. If you are planning to buy a car, you would have this question in your mind. A car has become a necessity instead of a luxury in the current living conditions. So, you need a car irrespective of the status of your credit history. Apart from transportation to and from your workplace or any other place, a car provides enjoyment while you commute to your destinations. When you are looking out for a car, you will find credit unions, dealer discounts, rebates, bad credit buying as well as high interest loans. So, you need to choose the right one as per your situation.

Pharma Marketers Should Choose Between Curation And Content Marketing

Social Network cloud

Social Network cloud

Arsalan Arif, the Publisher of Endpoints, is interviewed, and he reveals many useful things that will be handy for the pharma marketers. He details the benefits and the drawbacks of the content curation and content marketing techniques for the pharmaceutical marketers in the world of internet and social media. Here, he discusses the value of the curated pharma and health content, especially focuses on the concept if the pharma marketers can do the content curation effectively or if they are highly focused on the technique of content marketing. The pharma marketers need to decide on one of these techniques with the help of the benefits and drawbacks that are discussed.

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