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Transmission System In Cars Subject To Frequent Wear And Tear

131923It might seem to be an impossible task to find out the problem that you car is facing, especially to the inexperienced and untrained drivers. The distinct sensations and sounds made by your vehicle are the indicators of mechanical issues in your vehicle. The transmission system of your car is a complex mechanical system controlling the power from the engine and delivering it to the driveshaft. This part of your vehicle experiences frequent wear and tear with time in comparison to the other parts of the vehicle due to the friction and heat that it produces. If the transmission system is not maintained properly, it will result in major issues and damages.

Run Your Car On Water!

6434591_H2OWith the skyrocketing fuel prices, who will not be interested to run their cars on water? Well, Daniel Green discusses on the usage of hydrogen injector fuel cells that are also known as water spark plugs. These are devices that will replace your vehicle’s spark plugs and disassociate the water molecules into an ionized gaseous state using high voltage pulsed resonate frequencies. Then, the oxygen and hydrogen are liberated with no necessity for storage. This way, you can run your car on water with the water spark plugs, and there is no necessity for the fuel. Get to know more about it and save your money and the environment to a great extent.

Is Your Car A Class?

car-tintDo you know that your car can say a lot about your social class? As per the etiquette expert, William Hanson, there is a hidden meaning behind your car. It is said that Mini Cooper is driven by wealthy women, and Audi is driven by boorish and bad drivers. As per the expert, Volkswagen Polo is a smart choice, and a must buy a car for the posh students. He doesn’t stop with the brands but continues with the colors as well. He has included the interiors, spoilers, customization, cleanliness, number plates, tinted windows, and stickers such as Baby On Board as well.

Basic Car Care Discussed Here

14-2Vehicle maintenance on a regular basis is very important to prevent frequent and major repairs. In addition, the maintenance will help you save a lot of money that you will spend on the repairs. As a part of vehicle maintenance, it is important to change the engine lubricants in your vehicle to keep the engine functioning smooth and trouble-free. The engine lubricant plays a significant role in increasing the life expectancy of your vehicle’s engine. Without a regular change, the engine will be ruined due to overheating. It is important to prolong the life of your vehicle’s engine to a considerable extent.

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